Network Queer Refugees RLP

The network Queer Refugees Rhineland-Palatinate consists of different groups and institutions from Rhineland-Palatinate. In Trier, Mainz,  Kaiserslautern, Neustadt/Weinstraße and Pirmasens you can find contact points for counsel, advice and support. Please write us an e-mail or check out the points of contact near you (see below).

More information about the local groups:


Rainbow Refugees Mainz – lesbian, gay, trans, queer


Tel. 0176 43155530 

Meetings every 3rd Thursday of a month at 7 pm at Bar jeder Sicht, Hintere Bleiche 29, 55116 Mainz


Facebook „Rainbow Refugees Mainz“


SCHMIT-Z e.V. Trier

Mustorstraße 4, 54290 Trier



Lebenswerk fairness-Kaufhaus, Beethovenstraße 56, 67655 Kaiserslautern, Tel.: 0631 624023-20 (Joachim Geimer)

Lebenswerk fairness-Kaufhaus, Rosslaufstraße 5, 67433 Neustadt/W., Tel.: 06321 9705977 (Siglinde Friedrich)

Lebenswerk fairness-Kaufhaus, Schachenstraße 20, 66954 Pirmasens, Tel.: 06331 5089281 (Marion Blaser-Jung)

Website Lebenswerk

E-Mail Lebenswerk

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Flyer für Multiplikator*innen

More Information for refugees